I have a 2015 Tahoe , I went to few body shops and received different quotes. I last went to Berkeley and parts of my truck that other body shops said need replacing and more than expected work , Berkeley said that was unnecessary and they fixed those parts w out me having to a buy a whole new piece. I saved $600+ and I will bring my truck next time I need body work.


Thank you so much looks like nothing ever happen I had no cap on my mirror and I finally found one but it needed to be painted. So I gave the color code and the next day it was painted they even put it on for me. Thank you guys so much!!!


I've had to use Berkeley Auto's services twice recently. They were a recommended and approved company through my car insurance. I couldn't have been more pleased with my experiences with them. They did beautiful work each time, give fair quotes, and they work pretty fast. They made the entire experience pleasant! The staff pretty much became my best friends. I trust them. Although, I hope to not need to fix my car anytime soon, I very much enjoyed working with Berkeley Auto Body. I highly recommend their services! =)





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